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Check Out My EduBlog at www.parksideparent.com For More Great Articles!

Check Out My EduBlog at http://www.parksideparent.com For More Great Articles!

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Recording Family Memories in This Digital Age, Let Me Count the Ways
by Tammy Garnes for the Cascade Patch

In this digital age, the art of documenting your family’s history has been made simple…or more complicated, depending on which way you choose to see it!

There is always that parent, who never forgets the camera. They never run out of batteries or room on their digital card, and they always seem to find time to not only print but frame those great photos of their kids. 

Then there are the rest of us, who sometimes rely on grainy cell phone images, the kindness of others with working cameras or the last resort, box camera.  Even when we do snap a fantastic photo, it never makes it out of our computer, sometimes not even out of the camera itself!

My mission today? To give you a few simple tools that will allow you to become the keeper of your family’s story. 


Get In Where You Fit In: The Importance of Parent Support Groups
By Tammy Garnes for the Cascade Patch

Whether you are a new mom looking for a playgroup or a seasoned dad looking to give advice, parents who belong to support groups will tell you that the journey of motherhood and fatherhood is best when done with others.

In the year 2000 I became a mom.

Not an aunt. Not a “play auntie.” Not a babysitter. But a real, true-blue-responsible-for-another-human mother. 

When my husband and I arrived home with our new daughter, I was certain that this new chapter in my life would be a piece of cake. I mean, I had read every magazine on parenting that existed.  Over the previous nine months I had purchased tons of child-rearing books and they were all kept at arms reach. 

If I needed advice on feeding…there was the  Super Baby Food book, because all good mothers make food from scratch for their little angels, right?  And if there were problems with sleeping, Dr. Ferber and his  Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems would come to my rescue, right?  Somewhere between the written word and advice from my family, I was positive that this whole “mommy-hood” thing would fit perfectly into my already busy lifestyle.  I put on my super-mommy cape, picked up my infant and waited…. 


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How to help kids balance their lives
Parents, teachers try to ensure students’ activities not too much

By D. Aileen Dodd
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Saturday, December 06, 2008
Football. Cheerleading. Piano lessons. Ballet. Some kids with jampacked schedules need an event planner to make time for homework and play.

Most parents think a healthy mix of activities can provide children with experiences that push them to become better students, more versatile athletes, supporters of the arts, even humanitarians. An idle child, these days, is perceived to be headed for the unemployment line.

“Colleges make it very difficult for you to only focus on academics —- they want-well rounded children,” said Hoschton mom Melissa Thompson, whose 16-year-old participates in six activities. “They want to see leadership skills, community service. Students have to make the time. It can be challenging.”
Read the entire article CLICK HERE


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