Tammy Thomas Garnes

Go Ahead, Spoil Them Rotten!

In Family on September 29, 2010 at 6:13 pm

Photo by: Tammy Garnes for A Southern Girl Production

My Doula (then-not-now cause this mama is done having babies), Haize Rosen, posted a wonderful article recently on her FB page.  Seems like the rest of the world finally has the scientific proof they need to realize that holding, loving and nurturing a small child is OK, in fact, it’s BEST!  What I love about this study is that it debunks all of the modern wives tales (leftover from the late ’60s early ’70’s no doubt), that make mothers feel guilty for doing what comes natural such as nursing past 6 months, allowing toddlers to co-sleep, picking up crying infants on cue and generally holding and snuggling with our very own children.

I can’t count the number of times I heard “just let her cry it out” or “if you let her in your bed she’ll never leave.”  Well guess what…I picked them up when they cried and the hubby and I let them sleep in our bed when they wanted….and guess what…they are just fine! Hold on, they are BETTER than just fine.  This article makes me wanna stick my tongue out like a 3 year old…..ha….science is now on my side!

Click the Photo for the Full Article:

Spoiled Babies Grow Up To Be Smarter Kids


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