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In Weight Loss on September 14, 2010 at 6:04 pm

Annett Davis, Olympian and Blogger at Fit Moms, Fit Kids

Every now and then you meet a truly phenomenal woman.  One of those sista-friends who seems to be able to juggle the hustles of mommyhood, working and simply being a wife with grace and style.  Well if you add to that list, also able to be an Olympian, then you have my friend Annett Davis!

Years ago I had the chance of seeing her in action on the beach volleyball court.  Let me tell you, I felt like a groupie because I couldn’t take my eyes off her stomach.  Sure her game was fierce, but I kept saying to another friend “Look at those abs!”  Recently Annett launched a great great website, Fit Moms, Fit Kids, and I must say, she’s found her calling.  She wants all of us to get it together when it comes to our health and wellness and I am allowing her to be my Pied Piper into the land of fitness.

Ok, so I will never have your stomach….not in a milion years, but Annett, girl you are one fierce, spiritually grounded, homeschooling, volleyball playing, once a month cooking, blogging, super fit mama! So proud of you and the new blog.


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