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Helping In Haiti

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Happier Times at the Trinity Nutrition Center and Goodwin Clinic

I’m sure you’re sitting in front of the tv this week, like me, torn between looking at the images coming in from Haiti and turning your head when it becomes just too much to digest.


I’ve known so many people who have attempted to go and be of service in Haiti over the years.  It’s a country full of genuine people who want the best for their families, but also a city that has been tormented with internal political struggle and devastating poverty.  An earthquake in Haiti is like pouring salt into a horrible open wound.

My husband’s family has been involved in Missionary work in Haiti since the 1960’s.  Paul’s grandmother, Odessa Goodwin, started an orphanage in Haiti in the 1960’s.  Her daughter in law, Mary Goodwin, visited and felt the need to add to the program a nutrition center for parents and children so that they could receive food daily and learn how best to stay healthy.  The organization she started was called FRIENDS FOR MISSIONS.

ACTION:  Right now we are pooling together resources from friends and family to help FRIENDS FOR MISSIONS with their effort to rebuild the Nutrition Center and Clinic in the Port Au Prince Suburb of Petion-Ville in an area called Bourg Champagne.

The 80 children that use the Nutrition Center don’t have food at home on regular days and depend on the Center for breakfast and lunch on school days.  Now they have nothing.  If you are looking for a place to donate, where your dollar will have a visible direct impact, CLICK HERE and donate thru the Friends of Missions Pay Pal Page.  Learn more about Friends For Missions HERE.


Children eat at the Nutrition Center

*Nutrition Center (Trinity Baptist Centre De Nutrition) opened in 1972, renovated in 1990 and in 2009.  Offered a nutrition teaching program for children and their mothers.  Until this week it fed 81 children every day.  Expected to have been demolished during the quake.

Exam Room that was JUST completed last year

*The Clinic (Mary Goodwin Laboratory) completed in 2009 with $6,000.  Expected to have been destroyed this week.  Children and adults were able to finally receive medical attention at this site.

A Child holding her new dress donated by the Mission

*Child Sponsorship is the fastest growing program in the ministry. More than 1,000 children sponsored to go to school during the history of the program.  Currently there are 50 children being sponsored by families in the U.S.  Some of the children are now in College and work as civil engineers, nurses, engineers, teachers, auto mechanics, accountants, lab technicians, physicians and ministers.  Even more will be in need of sponsorship due to the earthquake. DONATE

Who Is In Charge:

The directors of the Friends for Missions office in Haiti are Bishop Lopez Dautruche and his wife, Lise. They serve as liaisons between the U.S. and Haiti. Sister Lise is responsible for distributing funds and food, correspondence and other necessary communications in Haiti as they relate to the Children’s Sponsorship Program and the Trinity Nutrition Center. They have partnered with us for over 35 years and have served with integrity and in excellence. We truly praise God for their faithfulness.

In 2002, the Lord called Sis. Mary’s daughter, M. Ellen Goodwin Freeling, to take up the mantle of Friends for Missions, Inc. Sis. Ellen worked side by side with her mother for many years and knows the inner workings of the organization.  Her most recent visit was in February 2009 to help complete the building of the clinic.  Sis. Ellen visits Haiti every two years and sends contributions from supporters to Haiti on a quarterly basis. With everything that she does, serving the Lord through Friends for Missions, Inc. is by far the most rewarding. DONATE

Praising God!

DONATE today through the Friends For Missions Pay Pal Page.  100% of your donation will be used by Bishop and Sister Dautruche to REUILD THE NUTRITION CENTER AND CLINIC and to help children RETURN TO SCHOOL once things have settled!

Any help you give will be appreciated and I will follow up to show you the progress as it happens!


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