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In Weight Loss on January 4, 2009 at 7:22 pm

Over the weekend I joined the Modern Mom Challenge, a Ning weight loss group for Moms, started by my dear friend CutieBootyCakes.  As I was getting ready for my morning workout, I became frustrated with the whole process.  Why me?  How did I go from having a fantastic physique during my college and young adult years, to being…well…fat!?!

So here is a reposting of my first blog on Modern Mom.  I’m sure there will be more.  Hopefully everyone who reads this can give me a little nudge from time to time and keep me honest. 


Fellow Moms,

I’m warning you right now…I’m hungry….it’s early….and I’m trying to motivate myself to get up and work out. This blog is really my motivation to myself…but you can read it if you want!

I hate being fat. I also hate exercising. Oh, and I love bread and cheese. Now, there. I said it.

If I sound like someone who is conflicted, frustrated, damn near out of options…that’s because I am. I just checked my Fit Day journals and stats (www.fitday.com) and realized that I lost and gained 15 pounds TWICE last year. How in the heck does one person do that?? Obviously, at a size 16, no one noticed. Hold on, there was that one chick who said “Oh it looks like you’re losing weight,” but she was under 25 and worked for me, so she doesn’t count.

At 37 with my 20 year high school reunion coming up (I was homecoming queen for goodness sakes), I’ve taken some drastic measures. I’ve enlisted the hubby, the friends, you ladies, everyone and anyone who will listen, to help me do this AND do it right. And don’t worry SimplyDoYou (www.simplydoyou.com), it’s not a new year’s resolution 🙂 I’ve been at this for a solid 18 months of ups and downs!

I must confess, I did go out and buy Alli last week, but only took it once because the possible side effects just freak me out so doggone much. It was a momentary lapse in judgement. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t but I’m not going to depend on it. I’m turning back to what I know works, exercise and watching calories/intake. It works. You know it does. I know it does.

If you’re like me, you’re trying to find any and everything you can that disproves the scientific theory of how poundage is created. Every January we do this. Remember last January when you swore that limiting the carbs would work? What about the January before when you cried at WWatchers? Oh, was that just me?

And since we’re…umm…I’m being so damn honest (can you tell I’m hungry??), let’s put a few things/excuses on the table. For me….and for you.

1. If you’re doing WWatchers, you SHOULD NOT count a candy bar in your point tally for the day. If you ate a candy bar today your ass has fallen off the wagon. End of story. Get up and get back on, but please don’t go online and ask in someone’s forum “How many points is a Snickers?” Oh, and the same goes for gummy bears..just because they’re little doesn’t mean you can sneak them.

2. If you said you would exercise daily… cleaning the house or taking the stairs DOESN’T count. Ok, it does, but let’s get real.. if I have some significant weight to lose I’ve got to really MOVE to see results. For at least 20 minutes a day/3-4 times a week. But you and I already know this. So if I cheat my way through workouts or skip them altogether, I shouldn’t expect results. That’s like faking my way through class and then not passing the final exam….what did I expect?

3. Stop using the gym as an excuse. If you’re online reading this, you obviously have a computer…which means you probably have cable, which means you have two forums right at your fingertips where you can find workouts at home and for free. If you have “On Demand” you have a TON of free workouts at your fingertips all day long. I am preaching to myself right now as well, because “getting to the gym” was once my favorite excuse.

4. The kids. Oh the kids. That is my all time favorite excuse. Heck, I’m depending on it right now. See my plan is to stay online long enough for them to wake up, then they will want to eat and I HAVE to feed them right??? And then they will need to get dressed and I HAVE TO help them right???? And then we should probably go to church or at least go out somewhere as a family right??? Wrong. I’m giving myself 90 seconds to finish this, turning on a workout and doing it. Anyone who gets in my way will have to wait 20 minutes till I finish. Daddy will have to get up, little people will have to wait and whine….whatever, mama is gonna get her workout on today!

5. The computer. Sometimes I spend half the day on my wonderful laptop RESEARCHING weight loss methods. If tons of calories were lost through typing I would be a size 6 right now. I’m resolving not to allow emails, blogs, forums and tweets to cause me to miss out on being the very best me I can be this year. I won’t give up my online addiction completely, but I will happily step back enough each day to exercise, plan my meals and live my best life…will you?

Ok, time to work out (really….I’m really going to do it, just me and Jillian Michaels) and then I will have a decent breakfast. 5 days in and it’s already paying off. Down 2 pounds 🙂 Now where did I put that workout bra….and where are my workout shoes…gotta have the right shoes….OK….NO MORE EXCUSES!

Thanks for inviting me CutieBooty. I love ya girl!

  1. Like my WW leader once said, ALL foods are allowed on the plan. If you really love bread and cheese, are you going to give them up forever? No, because you would feel deprived. The same applies to the Snickers bar. If you really want it, eat it but limit your portions. Be flexible but stay accountable.

  2. Southern Girl….I understand where you are coming from…I’m hungry too! Well, not really hungry….I’ve realized that I just like the taste of food. I don’t like feeling full and I’m not hungry all the time…my mouth just craves sweets (see my blogpost for more info on this, lol).
    But I was inspired recently by the simplest thing and now I feel the tide turning. See you at the ModernMom chat tomorrow night!

  3. As I noted on your MM Challenge page, I am so glad that you joined! You inspire me – I started my workout yesterday after reading your post. No excuses! I suppose I need to do my afternoon workout – 20 minutes, easy. Thanks girl!

  4. Oh, Southern Girl…I feel you. And you know I loves me some WW. I can’t remember if I heard it there or in one of the many weight loss resources I read over the years…but the question that really hit home for me to ask when I’m eating past my hunger or eating when I’m not hungry is: What are you really hungry for?

    Overeating is usually an attempt to feed something else in your life that isn’t being nurtured. So I ask you, my friend, “What are you really hungry for?” (And don’t say fried chicken and sweet tea 🙂

  5. Southern Girl (Frankie Beverly’s all in my head now – I love Maze)… anyhow – you know the Truth is irresistable to me and since that’s what you’re dishing out – I’m here and I feel you.

    I’m telling you what we need – we have to get pissed off about being fat. So mad, that the thought of a Snickers, or a piece of cheesy garlic bread become painful propositions that are just not worth the trouble.

    I’m not completely there, I’m not pissed off enough. My fat didn’t bother me enough to bypass some buttery cornbread tonight – so my workout only burned off that golden deliciousness. Damn.

  6. “golden deliciousness” what a great phrase 🙂

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