Tammy Thomas Garnes

Watching and Thinking

In Politics on January 3, 2009 at 9:19 pm

I understand history. I “get” the reasons behind the Israeli/Gaza assaults. But thanks to the modern day media, the stories of those affected by the attacks (from both sides), are much more real to me. When you listen to parents being interviewed on television and radio and listen to the anguish and fear in their voices, it takes the battle from being a blurb in the newspaper or a hiccup during the nightly news….it becomes tangible…..it becomes real….it starts to feel like….but for the grace of God I could be them.  I have that same knot in my stomach that I had when I watched as Katrina victims waved white sheets from their rooftops.  That empty sinking feeling.  CNN just reported a 4 day old baby who was injured in the attacks tonight.  He needs an incubator to survive.  There are none available. *sigh*

This mom’s blog was just profiled on CNN.  Take a look.  http://www.a-mother-from-gaza.blogspot.com/


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