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Twitter as a Life-Line: School Shootings and Social Media Crisis Communications

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This was a first for me as a school district communicator. You hear about school shootings, you see them covered on the news, you pray that you and your children…or any children, ever experience a tragedy that causes you to lose faith in your safe place, your school. Our school district experienced its first school shooting January 31, 2013. There were injuries, but thankfully, no deaths. Click the image below to read about how our office tried something new during a major crisis.

I must admit, I didn’t have a real social media communications plan in place for a crisis this big. Of course the school district had a plan, but how were we going to beat the messages being put out to the media via text messages and social media platforms? My instincts kicked in and my spirit (yes, my spirit), told me to be honest, open and truthful.  Transparency with parents and the community during a crisis ALWAYS works. Thank you Melissa Agnes for the coverage.


A Mystery Revealed: The Face Behind the Atlanta Public Schools Twitter Feed

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I must say, it is an incredible feeling to be ‘profiled’ on the local news for doing what you feel is the right thing.  Check out the story below from Atlanta station WXIA on my back to school social media efforts.  I hope this inspires other districts to do the same!


Fishbowl DC Features this Southern Girl’s Photo!

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